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60% of companies engaging with your site aren't in your CRM. Identify your top prospects, engage them back, and outperform your quota.

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Discover the companies behind your website traffic

Koala enables you to identify website visitors with ease so you can turn traffic into actionable leads. See which companies are researching your docs, checking out your pricing page, and showing intent to buy.

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Seize opportunities at the moment of intent

Koala automatically detects key intent signals that indicate a visitor's readiness to buy. Connect with Slack to alert your team in real-time when target audiences trigger intent signals live on your site, enabling your team to act promptly and before your leads slip away.

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Build strategic account lists you can act on, in real-time

Effortlessly segment leads by company attributes from your CRM, enrichment providers, and Koala's first-party intent data. Identify high-value prospects and target accounts, so you can focus your efforts on the most promising leads.

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Know what your prospects actually want

Koala helps you explore and analyze the most meaningful actions taken by your website visitors. Gain a deeper understanding of user behavior so you can provide relevant and genuinely helpful content that resonates with your audience.

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Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools

Koala connects to your favorite sales and enrichment tools to give you powerful insights about your prospects and target accounts.

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Turn your website
visitors into pipeline

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60%Active companies not in CRM yet
35%Increase in pipeline created
37kAverage pipeline created per rep
13 hrsResearch saved per rep each month

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