Discover the intent signals your CRM is missing

Stop wasting hours researching and prospecting cold account lists. Find the warm prospects already showing buying intent on your site — in minutes with Koala.

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The last account list
you'll ever need

Traditional account lists are low quality, tedious, and lack context. Koala filters out the noise, so you can find the companies active in the past day, with 250-1000 employees, built on kubernetes that are up for grabs.

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Go beyond product-led sales

Watch activity across an account's full customer journey — session time, number of active users, and set up custom signals for the weirdly specific things you care about.

Go beyond product-led sales

Act in real-time

Ditch your stale lead lists. Reach out to your contacts when you know they're browsing your website and you're already top of mind.

Act in real-time

Quick install

Skip the long sales and implementation cycle. Add Koala to your site in minutes to start seeing warm prospects today.

Open and extensible

Koala was built API-first, so you can query anything via our Edge API and export your data to CSV at any time.

Clear pricing

Koala has easy-to-understand pricing, with a generous free forever tier to give it a spin. Learn more

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About Koala

Our team is a group of engineers and product folks from companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Segment, and SoFi.

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