Automated outbound that actually works.

Your best prospects are researching your website or trying your product right now. Koala supercharges your outbound motion by automatically triggering a genuinely helpful message at the perfect time.

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Prospect 360

Know your prospects

Unlike legacy ABM tools, Koala leverages your full first-party identity graph to capture prospect identity. Koala bridges the gap between what's happening in your product, your MQLs, your CRM contacts, and people clicking on your emails to identify your previously anonymous website visitors.

For each prospect, you'll have a full record of historical ad clicks, email clicks, visits, product events, and form-fills, so you know what your prospect cares most about. For the average non-PLG company, Koala remembers specific prospect identities for ~30% of traffic. For PLG, 75% of traffic.

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Intent Signals

Use intent signals to start a conversation

Seeing a prospect consuming content or moving through product onboarding gives you a great reason to reach out. Follow-up on that intent in real-time with a genuinely helpful message, and you're 10x more likely to book a meeting.

Unsure of where to start? Our Signal Reports will help you understand which intent tends to convert to sales conversations, so you can focus on high-intent traffic.

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Actions Catalog

Sync intent anywhere

Koala's Actions API will allow you to sync intent anywhere and trigger advanced workflows.

  • Want to see your intent signals on the HubSpot Activity Timeline?
  • Want to see your intent signals as custom records in Salesforce?
  • Want to ensure all accounts/contacts on your site are in Salesforce or HubSpot?
  • Want to start a crazy Clay workflow every time an intent signal happens?
  • Want to have all of your intent signals in your data warehouse?
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Create a scaled growth engine

Having your reps respond to intent alerts is a good way to get started with triggers and messaging, but you'll find that as your site traffic grows, it is hard to follow-up on every prospect action.

Koala's automated outbound emails let you encode your signal to message strategy, so that you can turn your outbound on autopilot. Sales takes over once your prospect responds.

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How it works

Whether you're a PLG machine or powering a sales-led motion, Koala can give you the complete story behind your website visitors.


1Connect your site

Koala is installed on your website and product to automatically track key buying signals and alert your team in real-time.


2Score your MQLs & PQLs

Koala suggests MQL & PQL criteria by analyzing your Closed Won population and analyzing which parts of the buyer journey drive opportunities.


3Close more deals, faster

With Koala, you can see the complete history of your prospects journey to help you navigate deals effortlessly, and revive deals that would have been lost.

Get started in minutes

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