Put pipeline generation
on auto-pilot

Stay on top of the signals that matter

Send reps alerts about their named accounts. Set up a round robin channel for unowned accounts. See everyone who engages with your new content. Watch activity from every target account.


Signal-based selling on autopilot

Automate your follow-up and see open rate of 75% and reply rate of 10-15%. (Yes, on autopilot!)

This works with your existing stack, whether you’re using HubSpot, Salesforce, Apollo, Outreach, or want to do something more custom via webhook.


Sync intent anywhere

Keep your CRM fresh with new accounts and contacts on your site and in your product. Sync intent signals to your CRM, everage Koala's advanced scoring models to build advanced account scoring into your CRM, route high-intent leads to the right reps using your existing lead routing tools (or we can round robin if you prefer), and assign tasks to reps while leads are still thinking of you.


Get started in minutes

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