Intent Signals

Tap into signals across the buyer journey

Product usage

As a PLG company ourselves, we understand the importance of giving sales reps the ability to see product onboarding status, milestones, and product usage data. Koala can be enriched with product analytics data, so that you're able to see a lot more.


Website, email, and ads intent

Koala automatically pulls in all page views and active session time. It's easy to set up, but also extensible if you want to send custom data. Koala can automatically track email click-throughs to your site from sales outreach or marketing campaigns, so you can be alerted when one of your prospects is live on the site.


Catch accounts while they are surging

Our AI-powered intent scoring system will highlight new accounts and accounts that are heating/surging.

Learn what intent converts best

Our AI-powered Signal Reports analyze intent and conversion, and will automatically suggest new signals for you as we classify the content that leads to conversion.


Get started in minutes

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