Prospect 360

All your prospect data in one place

An identity platform that remembers... everything

Under the hood, Koala's platform is a robust B2B CDP. Koala has several advantages upon traditional CDPs:

  • Automatically tracks page views and active session time
  • Automatically manages identity resolution across multiple devices and logged out to logged in transitions
  • Has a specialized B2B data model centered around accounts and visitors

Koala also remembers every MQL, PQL, and link clickthrough that's ever happened. Over time, you'll have prospect-level identity for >30% of your traffic. (>75% of your traffic if you're PLG)


Learn what your prospect cares about

Koala displays all historical pageviews, events, and form-fills in one central location, so you’ll always be able to see the full story of your prospect and the account. Koala also automatically enriches prospects/accounts with data from your contact enrichment database and your CRM, so all your info is in one place.


Score every company

Koala analyzes your Closed Won population to help you determine an ICP score. This ICP score is a composite score across account enrichment data such as employee size, ARR scale, industry, geography, and technographics data.


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