Dear Sellers, You Deserve Better: Our Open Letter

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Pipeline, powered by intent.

Your best prospects are on your site and product right now. Thousands of sellers use Koala daily to uncover which accounts to focus on, what content prospects are exploring, and the warmest path into deals.

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Mission control for account research

Deliver account & prospect-level identity in one place that your sellers can immediately act on

We can see exactly what our prospects are interested in, then tailor our messaging accordingly.

Lauren Wadsworth

Lauren Wadsworth

VP Global Emerging Sales and SDR, Twilio

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Koala Mission Control

Your sales prioritization engine

Get real-time alerts when buying signals happen to allow reps to engage at the perfect moment

Our BDR team generates more meetings via Koala's first party intent alerts than any other outbound channel

Andrew Montalvo

Andrew Montalvo

Sr. Manager, Sales Development, Verifiable

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Koala Sales Prioritization

Uncover key buying signals

Reveal buying signal recommendations based on interactions across your website, docs and product

Koala has truly been a paradigm shift for us and how we build a repeatable pipeline — we've found and accelerated dozens of deals in our first six months and the team loves it!

Eleanor Dorfman

Eleanor Dorfman

Head of Sales, Retool

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Koala Mission Control

Data your reps can immediately action on

Provide reps with prospect-level identity and the specific actions they took along the buying cycle

Every SDR and AE on our team is using it. We can finally programmatically turn high-intent signals from our highest potential visitors to outreach and meetings.

Marcel Santilli

Marcel Santilli

CMO, Deepgram

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    Joe Hill
    VP of Marketing at Acme
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Sync intent anywhere

  • Send Koala’s fit and intent scores to your CRM
  • Send live intent signals to your reps in Slack
  • Get enriched raw UTM data in your warehouse

“Koala provides a lot of useful data about buyer intent. We use this intent in our MQL infrastructure and have seen tangible pipeline and bookings as a result of acting on intent signals.”

Daniel Slaw

Daniel Slaw

Revenue Operations & Strategy, OneSignal

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Dear sellers, you deserve better

You've been making it work with less. It's time for more.

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Koala Mission Control
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