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Team Koala
Make Your CRM Smarter with Best-In-Class Intent Data

Make Your CRM Smarter with Best-In-Class Intent Data

The CRM is at the center of the universe for every GTM team

With our latest update, Koala’s account scoring data can now be synced directly into your CRM, enabling sales and marketing teams to operationalize this data with max efficiency. Available for both Salesforce and HubSpot, CRM Sync updates on a nightly basis.

We’ve been blown away by the use-cases unlocked during beta:

  • Territory Planning: Ensure high-intent accounts are evenly distributed among your sales team.
  • Custom Lead Routing: Automatically route high-intent, high-fit accounts to the right reps.
  • Ad Retargeting: Maximize ad spend by targeting high-intent accounts in your CRM.
  • List Building & Segmentation: Create lists and segment accounts using ICP and intent data.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Utilize account scoring data in CRM reports to assess territory health based on intent or to identify high-intent areas that have not yet been assigned to sales.

Daniel Slaw, RevOps & Strategy at OneSignal, a leading omnichannel customer engagement solution and design partner for this module, shared the impact they're already seeing:

Want to go deeper on your use-case?

Connect with us: Explore how it works and set-up a pilot to test it in the real-world

Start a free workspace: Kick the tires on Koala and see why sales teams love using it!

CRM Account Sync is available on our business tier

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