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Updates and improvements to Koala.

Hello Changelog!

Brand new information architecture

We restructured the top-level information architecture and navigation to make finding your way around the Koala app much easier! Now there are three main groups of content to explore:

  1. Website - which includes the chat inbox, demo/chat widget configuration + site analytics
  2. Leads - which includes everything for ABM – your accounts, custom views, customer profiles
  3. Manage - for all those project settings, like managing your team, your integrations, and your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)


Most of us have gotten pretty accustomed to keyboard shortcuts from tools like Slack and Linear. We've had this little feature for a few weeks, but now you'll find Koala's omnisearch immediately visible in the main navigation bar. Of course, you can cmd+k your way to it from anywhere in the app, too!

Other Improvements

  • Now you can claim accounts in Salesforce directly from Koala.
  • We've made the customer profiles page much faster.
  • Domain matching on accounts in your CRM is more reliable. For instance, we will automatically match at the top domain even if your CRM has a subdomain for the company website.

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