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Updates and improvements to Koala.

Auto Form Tracking

You can now see and track every Form Fill on your website using Koala. Get instant metrics on every form fill, and understand the performance of every demo request.

We’re also working on automatically converting Form Fills into Koala Account & Contact lists, so your BDR team can get alerted when a high scoring account or contact raises their hands.

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New Filter Menu

We've updated our Profile and Account menu to better help you find relevant account and profile filters. Specifically, we centralized all filters into a single menu, allow you to quickly find a filter by searching for it, and improved labels and iconography so that you can find your top accounts and contacts faster than before.

Updated Filter menu

Profile / Contact Lists

Contact Lists are now generally available. All Koala users are now be able to create their own Contact Lists to track their territories or vertical based on Contact Level traits.

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Search on Profile and Account Integration Data

Do you want to know all profiles that were imported to Outreach, but never contacted? What about the website visitors that do not exist in your Salesforce instance? How many accounts were imported to Salesforce, but never contacted?

With the addition of Profile lists, we now also give you the ability to now slice and dice your Profile and Account lists based on data coming from HubSpot, Outreach and Salesforce.

Searching on integration data

You can perform enhanced attribution queries for Profiles and Accounts now. Head out to the Profiles and Account pages and find all of the hidden gems!

Fixes and Improvements

  • We've also made it easy to create a new Slack channel when creating or editing a view subscription, as well as providing helpful error / warning messages as you set up or reconnect the Slack integration.

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