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Updates and improvements to Koala.

Timelines, Wishes and Slack

Any time you're browsing Koala and you have a feature idea or something looks a bit off, simply hit the "Make a Wish" button in the upper right and leave a quick comment! We answer every wish email (can't promise to build every feature, though we aspire to!), so please make one next time you have an idea! (And thanks Matt for wishing for this feature!)


Share Account to Slack

One of our favorite customers, Tim, made a wish on Twitter and it was granted! Now, you can share an account directly with a public Slack channel. (We didn't know we needed this internally at Koala as well, but it's been awesome to start conversations about accounts!)


Account & Profile Timelines

Any time you're researching an account or a visitor, you can now see much more detailed timelines. You can also search through timelines for specific intent signals, page views, or events! Here's what it looks like at the visitor level, but you can do the same for an entire account!


Some little things…

  • The Koala SDK went on a diet and lost ~10% of its kilobytes
  • Basic geocoding now happens for 100% of visitors, and if you need more specific information, you can use full geocoding enrichment for more depth
  • ZoomInfo contact lookups now are supported for known visitors

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