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Intent Signals & Slack Alerts

By the time you finish reading this post, it's likely that multiple prospects have interacted with your site — whether visiting the pricing page, reading your blog, or checking out an Enterprise-only feature in your tech docs. Use Koala to turn those intent signals into revenue.

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  • Get an edge on deal strategy. Knowing exactly when and how new prospects engage gives you an unfair advantage.
  • Be genuinely helpful. The best customer-led sales teams see where prospects are stuck in the buying journey and guide them to the right solution.

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Intent Signals

Suggested Signals

We released Intent Signals a little while ago, but until recently we hadn't fully incorporated it as a powerful primitive throughout Koala. Intent Signals highlight important page views, events, and other key moments in a customer's journey. Now it's easier than ever to define Intent Signals. Anyone on the GTM team can use Koala's no-code setup to surface new buying intent signals.

You'll see intent signals highlighted on an account's profile page, in the explorer views, and you can alert your team when they happen in real time (more on that below)!

Intent Signals

Start creating Intent Signals today in your workspace: Settings > Intent Signals.

Real-time Slack Alerts

Building on that theme, you can now alert your team about any Intent Signal in real-time. If you want to know about signals from a specific territory or audience, you can specify which signals you care about for each audience.

Slack Alerts let you create multiple combinations of intent + audience + what Slack channel you want to notify.

Here's what it looks like to set up:

Slack Alert Setup

And here's what a Slack alert looks like in the wild!

Slack Alert

To set up Slack Alerts, navigate to Settings > Slack Alerts.

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