Updates and improvements to Koala.

👉 Introducing The Rep Playbook

Today, we're open-sourcing our Rep Playbook. Koala brings a new paradigm of customer-led GTM — a rep has never had so much intent data to look at.

In almost every onboarding program we run, we hear a common question: "What do I do with all this data?!" That's why we partnered with several of our customers (shout out to Vercel, Hightouch, Segment, Stytch!) to bring you our rep playbook. Use this to:

  • Overachieve your quota. Koala turns 45 minutes of account research into 5 minutes. More high-quality messages means more meetings booked.

  • Boost conversion 10x. A great message sent quickly converts 10x better. If they are actively spending time on the site, they are actively thinking about you.

  • Connect the dots for your accounts. Koala gives you a view into the entire account, so you can play a strategic quarterbacking role.

Let's do this!


Got some tips we didn't capture? Have a favorite play you've made using Koala data? Contribute back to the open source! Email your feedback or story to [email protected] and we'll integrate it here, so everyone can learn from you!