Updates and improvements to Koala.

Launch Week Final Day

Welcome to the end of Koala Launch Week 🐨🚀🗓️!

Careful 👀 will notice that we promised 5 launches this week and delivered only 3. Today = DOUBLE LAUNCH DAY!

But first, we want to acknowledge the folks who made this whole week possible:

Thank you, customers!


We'd be remiss to end Launch Week without a huge thank you to our customers. We've learned so much from your daily product ideas, bug reports, and pushes to be simpler. Keep the wishes coming!

Ok, now for the launches:

👉 Day 4: Introducing Scaled Self-service

Scaled Self-service

As a company helping folks with their own PLG motion, we want to walk the walk. We believe in true self-service products, so we've built Koala that way – you can start seeing value completely on your own, without requiring a months-long sales or implementation cycle.

While we've been self-serve from the beginning, we're now ready for Scaled Self-service: we have the playbook required to help Rev Ops teams scale to teams of 100+ reps on their own. Skip the $100k contract and 3-6 month implementation cycle. Get it done in just hours. Seriously. (We're still happy to help of course!)

Get started here:

👉 Day 5: Introducing the Koala Platform

Koala Platform

We've had two-way CRM integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce since day one, but we wanted to announce four new integrations:

  • Deanonymize traffic. We partnered with Clearbit to help create the brand-new Powered by Clearbit program, which offers 10k free Clearbit Reveal calls per month for Koala customers!
  • Get visibility into your technical docs. New ReadMe & Mintlify integrations. Get notified when someone is reading about enterprise features, like your SOC2 report or SSO RBAC controls.
  • Create Outreach tasks. Scaled workflow to ensure reps follow up on every great intent signal.

See all of our integrations here:

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And that's a wrap. Create your free workspace today.

We're so excited to see you scale your sales motion with Koala. We're here to help, so don't hesitate to reach out ([email protected]).

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