Updates and improvements to Koala.

👉 Introducing Koala Pipeline Influence

Koala Pipeline Influence

We're excited to introduce Koala Pipeline Influence — a way for you to see how your team is using Koala, finding new Opportunities, and how it's impacting your win rate.

🔭 Sourcing with Koala: See how your team is using Koala to find new opportunities.

🏎️ Accelerate the wins: Know how much pipeline is researched in Koala for every stage of your funnel, and understand how it impacts your win rate.

🚑 Rescue stalled opps: Understand how Koala can help get a deal moving again, or find the perfect ice breaker to get a deal moving again.

Koala Pipeline Influence is in early access. If you're an existing customer, reach out and we can generate your custom benchmark.

PS: Yes. The numbers on the screenshot are real (across our customer base).