Updates and improvements to Koala.

Introducing a home for your team

Koala New Home

A new homepage

As Koala has started to serve larger Sales teams with more complex teams and GTM strategies, we've heard that reps need a better way to keep track of all their lists. We're introducing a new homepage for each rep, which will help them quickly navigate from their named accounts to unowned accounts in their territory, or any other saved list. This navigation is personalized for you, so you'll see the lists that belong to you and your team.

Lists are an incredibly flexible and powerful way to execute on a new GTM strategy. Here are a few strategies you should try:

  • Make a list of Closed Lost accounts. Now, you'll know when those Closed Lost accounts aren't actually as CL as you thought.

  • Make a list of ABM accounts. Now, you'll know how many of your ABM accounts are showing awareness & consideration. (You can do this by uploading a list of domains directly to Koala, or pulling a "Target Account" field from Salesforce.)

  • Make a list of companies using XYZ tech. Primarily sell to companies on Kubernetes? Trying to rip and replace a particular vendor? Now, you can set up lists of companies using that tech and send more personalized outreach.

  • Make an unowned list. Curious to see who is on the site that isn't in your CRM? Chances are there is pipeline here waiting to be created!

Introducing Teams

Teams enables larger Sales teams to organize their Koala workspace. With teams you can:

  • Create a custom homepage for every rep. Create a curated homepage for your SDRs, AEs, CSMs, Content Marketing, or anyone else.
  • Dynamic lists. Create dynamic lists for every rep, so they can see all owned and unowned accounts in their territory.
  • Personal channels, per rep. Dynamically create a personalized Slack Channel for each rep, so that every rep can get a feed of real-time intent signals relevant to them.

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