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Team Koala
Team Koala
Dear Sellers, You Deserve Better!

Dear Sellers, You Deserve Better!

We believe sellers are the unsung heroes in every organization.

The end of quarter hustlers, the cold-calling marathoners, the ones that break through the noise, that never give up, the insatiably curious, the creative ones who find a way to get it done.

And yet there are those who still view selling as a dirty word, a necessary evil, as a messy part of the funnel that surely will be automated soon.

But we know sellers can never be replaced.

  • AI can’t replace the hustle of sellers to crush their quotas
  • AI can’t replace the relationship building skills that the best sellers bring
  • AI can’t replace that bond of trust, that only two humans can create
  • AI might have the content, but selling is about context “Why does this matter to YOU”
  • And most of all, AI can’t replace sellers' incredible creativity to make it happen!

We don’t believe in replacing sellers. We do believe that technology can serve sellers.

Those hours of tedious work, exporting account lists from Salesforce, territory planning in Google Sheets, endlessly scrolling Sales Navigator for the right potential buyer, and 100s of cold emails that get you nowhere, all should be a thing of the past.

We’re on a mission to elevate the profession of sales, and make sellers damn effective in the process.

Here’s what we believe.

📊 Democratize access to the full data.

The last decade has been nothing short of a data arms race, collect all the things!

But when companies collect vast amounts of user data and then lock that data behind the gates of a data warehouse, where no sales rep can access it to build pipeline, we have to ask, what did we achieve?

Having data is great, being able to immediately action on that data is where the real value lies.

🚫 Stop trying to make bad leads happen.

Junk MQLs benefit no one.

The customer feels pressured to enter a sales cycle that they may not be ready for, and reps waste their valuable time chasing the wrong account/lead, further eroding their trust in marketing. Plus, there's so much for sales reps to do each day that adding more noise is almost guaranteed to lead them to decision paralysis.

When this cycle consistently happens, reps often revert back to pure cold outbound, taking their chances on their own bets vs using data to drive their decisions.

By suppressing poor fit leads, and surfacing only the highest quality intent signals you free up rep’s time to work with customers that are most likely to convert into real pipeline.

🖥️ Provide a single pane of glass.

If a seller has an hour to prospect, they might spend 45 minutes of that hour, cobbling together the data needed to do the actual prospecting.

Bouncing between their CRM, google sheets, their product usage data, sales navigator, zoominfo/apollo and Outreach/saleloft, and that's all just to ensure the right account & contact. Reps don’t know where to focus, and when data is spread across a dozen or more locations it becomes impossible to manually keep track of it all.

Providing reps with a single pane of glass to act as mission control for account research allows them to focus on that hour on creative research (shared connections, finding a nugget of personalization in a customer’s twitter feed, listening to a podcast a customer is featured on, reading a 10k etc) and the actual prospecting itself vs gathering data.

🎨 Unlock full creativity.

We’re often asked to demo an insanely narrow workflow; sales & RevOps leaders like repeatable processes and want to guide new reps to what good looks like.

Here’s the thing, the best sellers realize that every deal and customer is unique, so canned workflows don’t tend to deliver the best results.

Just like you don’t paint a developer in a box, instead you surface the whole API to them and watch them unleash their creativity on building unique solutions, nor should you expect sellers to adhere to a one size fits all approach.

The best sellers in the world are insanely creative, because they’ve worked with such low quality data for such a long time, they’ve found ways to make magic happen with the bare minimum. We believe in surfacing as much prospect data as possible to these folks and letting them co-create which plays work best for your unique business.

Long live the seller.

We get it.

Sales is messy, it's hard, it's particularly hard to scale and even when you do it right, it's an ever moving bullseye.

Who wouldn’t want to remove that piece of business?

But even if you create the world's greatest product, that requires zero human interaction to buy; what if someone else copies you? What if you sold it at a low price point but now realize it represents a massive value for your customer, how do you capture that value in dollars & cents?

Sales isn’t just part of a running successful business, it's vital to survive & thrive. So ignore the twitter & linkedin hype, and YC vaporware. Because sales isn’t dead, and it never will be.

It's time to start thinking about how you go to market as your competitive differentiator, about how to make your sellers the most effective employees at the company.

Because we’ve seen how much these heroes can do with less…so why not give them more?

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