Updates and improvements to Koala.

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Sharpen your MQLs with Intent 2.0

Intent 2.0

In yesterday's world, Koala, like most website deanonymization tools, used basic signals like time on site, the number of visitors, and pageviews to gauge user intent. Effective? Sure. But we knew we could do better.

That's why today, we're launching Intent 2.0 – a major upgrade to the way Koala categorizes and scores intent. This was born from an in-depth analysis of trends across our hundreds of customers and their customers' unique buying journeys. You first saw the results of our analysis in Content Reports, which we designed to equip our customers with unmatched industry insights. Now we've gone a step further, leveraging that data to provide every customer with an enhanced "engine" – one that's better than ever.

With Intent 2.0, Koala leverages advanced algorithms that make us ~3x more effective at spotting accounts that are ready to convert. Our algorithm analyzes user behavior to automatically detect true sales-readiness based on past sales conversion, so your leads will feel sharper than ever – without you needing to tweak anything at all. It's kind of like we took your car and replaced it with a brand new engine under the hood. With this upgrade, everything will look mostly the same, but Koala will feel different – you'll start to see more fresh leads at the top of your lists, highlighting new leads in a way our previous algorithm just couldn't. We'll even show you how your leads are trending – are they fresh out of the oven (surging), or have they been out for a while now (cooling)? It's a total gamechanger.

Welcome to the new paradigm in intent scoring. Intent 2.0 isn't just an under-the-hood upgrade – it's the future. Happy fishing!

Introducing a home for your team

Koala New Home

A new homepage

As Koala has started to serve larger Sales teams with more complex teams and GTM strategies, we've heard that reps need a better way to keep track of all their lists. We're introducing a new homepage for each rep, which will help them quickly navigate from their named accounts to unowned accounts in their territory, or any other saved list. This navigation is personalized for you, so you'll see the lists that belong to you and your team.

Lists are an incredibly flexible and powerful way to execute on a new GTM strategy. Here are a few strategies you should try:

  • Make a list of Closed Lost accounts. Now, you'll know when those Closed Lost accounts aren't actually as CL as you thought.

  • Make a list of ABM accounts. Now, you'll know how many of your ABM accounts are showing awareness & consideration. (You can do this by uploading a list of domains directly to Koala, or pulling a "Target Account" field from Salesforce.)

  • Make a list of companies using XYZ tech. Primarily sell to companies on Kubernetes? Trying to rip and replace a particular vendor? Now, you can set up lists of companies using that tech and send more personalized outreach.

  • Make an unowned list. Curious to see who is on the site that isn't in your CRM? Chances are there is pipeline here waiting to be created!

Introducing Teams

Teams enables larger Sales teams to organize their Koala workspace. With teams you can:

  • Create a custom homepage for every rep. Create a curated homepage for your SDRs, AEs, CSMs, Content Marketing, or anyone else.
  • Dynamic lists. Create dynamic lists for every rep, so they can see all owned and unowned accounts in their territory.
  • Personal channels, per rep. Dynamically create a personalized Slack Channel for each rep, so that every rep can get a feed of real-time intent signals relevant to them.

Get started for free today!

If you aren't on Koala yet, you can start for free.

Introducing Koala Pipeline Influence

Koala Pipeline Influence

We're excited to introduce Koala Pipeline Influence — a way for you to see how your team is using Koala, finding new Opportunities, and how it's impacting your win rate.

🔭 Sourcing with Koala: See how your team is using Koala to find new opportunities.

🏎️ Accelerate the wins: Know how much pipeline is researched in Koala for every stage of your funnel, and understand how it impacts your win rate.

🚑 Rescue stalled opps: Understand how Koala can help get a deal moving again, or find the perfect ice breaker to get a deal moving again.

Koala Pipeline Influence is in early access. If you're an existing customer, reach out and we can generate your custom benchmark.

PS: Yes. The numbers on the screenshot are real (across our customer base).

Introducing Koala Content Reports

Koala Content Reports

What types of content consumption are most likely to lead to a sales conversation within 7 days?

We obsessed over hundreds of Content Reports for leading hypergrowth SaaS companies to understand what type of content leads to a higher win rate... we compiled it into our own report that we're excited to share with the world today!

Here are some surprising highlights for you:

  • 🤓 We learned that technical docs are the highest moments of consideration for B2B SaaS products. (90% of Sales teams are blind to this kind of activity!)

  • 💸 Most website traffic solutions are excessively focused on pricing page visits. Our report reveals that Pricing Page visits are only a small fraction of the most interesting intent (and are not the highest converting!)

  • 🔬 Most content teams are unaware of what actually converts to pipeline and how quickly certain types of content typically convert. We want to change that and equip every marketing team with objective conversion data.

Koala's unique Intent Engine combined with CRM Opportunity data enabled our team to discover insights that would otherwise be very challenging to perform using traditional technology. We believe we're barely scratching the surface of what we can all learn by analyzing Intent + Sales Data from the highest performing GTM teams out there.

We're launching Content Reports to all Koala Customers. Visit /reports/content to get your own report.

For those of you who aren't Koala customers, we've taken the learnings from 100 of the fastest-growing SaaS companies and compiled them here 👉 Content Reports

Introducing Apollo Integration

Apollo Integration

We're bringing — our most-requested integration — to General Availability!

🔍 Search for contacts. One-click search for contacts in Apollo. Have an anonymous visitor you're trying to find? Our integration prefills the location and company, so you get a short list of who it could be.

✨ Enrich a contact. Use Apollo to automatically enrich every email address in Koala.

📄 See how it works:

👉 Setup the Apollo integration:

Introducing Koala Actions

Koala Actions

We're introducing Koala Actions (and a complete redesign to our profile experience to support these new actions!).

✨ Enrich a contact. Have a sign-up or form-fill that's not already in your CRM? Enrich using Clearbit, ZoomInfo, or Apollo.

🔍 Search for contacts. One-click search for contacts in Apollo or Sales Nav.

☎️ Email or dial. Add directly to an Outreach Sequence or Apollo Sequence.

🗓️ Add a task. See something you want to follow-up on? Add a todo to your task list, wherever it lives.

We've heard how important it is to action good intent quickly — it's now easier than ever to go from insight to action.

PS If you want to automate any of these actions (eg., assign a task to a rep or send an automated sequence), that's now on our Business plan!

Introducing KDB


Today, we're sharing our company database (KDB) with the world and committing to keep it fresh. All for free.

  • 💾 Download a CSV. (Or several.) Download as many reports as you want, up to 10K of company records in each CSV — for free!
  • ⚙️ Tech Stack Data. Full access to backend technologies, frontend technologies, and more!
  • 👀 Use Koala to see who is looking at your site. Integrates seamlessly with the rest of Koala, so you can see which of your target companies are already engaged.

This data should be free for all sellers. No strings attached.

Try it today free

Introducing Live Lists, integration, and Content Reports

Live Lists

Introducing Live Lists

You likely have at least 10 relevant prospects accounts engaging with your site or app right now. With Koala Live, you can filter through the noise to see those 10 prospects you care about and what they are doing now.

  • Find prospects engaging right now and call them while they are researching your product!
  • Ever wondered what people are doing on the other side of a Zoom meeting? Chances are they are poking around at your content — know what they are looking at to steer the conversation.
  • Watch your territory, unowned accounts, or just customers in your ICP – you can bring Live to any list in Koala.

Introducing integration (Early Access) Integration

Our most-requested integration — — is entering early access. Here are the common use cases our early testers are using it for:

  • Automatically enrich profiles with email addresses to have full name, title, and LinkedIn profile
  • Prospect those anonymous users directly from the Koala app using Company, Geography, and Title searches
  • Add prospects directly to sequences

👉 Request early access

Introducing Content Reports (Public Preview)

Content Reports

Pricing page visits — while effective — aren't your top-converting content. Koala's Content Reports help you understand which content converts best, so you can better understand your buying journey and feed Sales only the best signals.

Here are the top-performing kinds of content for sales-led conversion across ~100 fast-growing SaaS startups:

  • 🏆 "Us vs. them" blog posts about your competitors. This shows that someone is actively thinking about a late-stage solution.
  • 📄 Technical docs about paid features. This shows that someone is deep within the consideration funnel and trying to figure out how it works.
  • ❓Viewing help pages about consumption limits. No one browses these just for fun — this means your customer has a problem they want to solve.

...but every business is different: contact [email protected] for your custom content report!

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Introducing Custom Slack Alerts

Custom Slack Alert

We've received a lot of good feedback from our customers ever since we released Slack Alerts a few weeks ago. Customers have requested the ability to customize their Slack messages and include important information that lives in their CRM.

You can now add custom fields to your Slack Alerts to include details about an account or contact from your CRM and other integrations.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Custom Slack Alerts:

  • Alert multiple account owners of an account like an AE and/or SDR.
  • Include an essential trait that highlights product usage.
  • Display some specific piece of the customer's tech stack that is relevant to your team.
  • Highlight a specific CRM field that signals where the customer is in their buying journey.

Additionally, we revamped the UI for Slack Alerts to clarify each section of the form. We hope you like it, and please, if you have any questions or contributions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

Improvements & Fixes

  • Performance improvements to Koala Fit Scoring.
  • Fixed wrong counts in Daily Account Feeds. We now display the number of Visitors who were active for a specific day.
  • Member Management: Added Search, grouping, and stats to workspace members page.
  • No code Event Management: Koala now allows you to manage which Events, Pages, Forms, and Traits are sent into Koala.

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If your company has a Koala workspace, you can go here to configure your Slack Alert:

If you aren't on Koala yet, you can start for free.

Launch Week Final Day

Welcome to the end of Koala Launch Week 🐨🚀🗓️!

Careful 👀 will notice that we promised 5 launches this week and delivered only 3. Today = DOUBLE LAUNCH DAY!

But first, we want to acknowledge the folks who made this whole week possible:

Thank you, customers!


We'd be remiss to end Launch Week without a huge thank you to our customers. We've learned so much from your daily product ideas, bug reports, and pushes to be simpler. Keep the wishes coming!

Ok, now for the launches:

👉 Day 4: Introducing Scaled Self-service

Scaled Self-service

As a company helping folks with their own PLG motion, we want to walk the walk. We believe in true self-service products, so we've built Koala that way – you can start seeing value completely on your own, without requiring a months-long sales or implementation cycle.

While we've been self-serve from the beginning, we're now ready for Scaled Self-service: we have the playbook required to help Rev Ops teams scale to teams of 100+ reps on their own. Skip the $100k contract and 3-6 month implementation cycle. Get it done in just hours. Seriously. (We're still happy to help of course!)

Get started here:

👉 Day 5: Introducing the Koala Platform

Koala Platform

We've had two-way CRM integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce since day one, but we wanted to announce four new integrations:

  • Deanonymize traffic. We partnered with Clearbit to help create the brand-new Powered by Clearbit program, which offers 10k free Clearbit Reveal calls per month for Koala customers!
  • Get visibility into your technical docs. New ReadMe & Mintlify integrations. Get notified when someone is reading about enterprise features, like your SOC2 report or SSO RBAC controls.
  • Create Outreach tasks. Scaled workflow to ensure reps follow up on every great intent signal.

See all of our integrations here:

Get started for free

And that's a wrap. Create your free workspace today.

We're so excited to see you scale your sales motion with Koala. We're here to help, so don't hesitate to reach out ([email protected]).

Introducing The Rep Playbook

Today, we're open-sourcing our Rep Playbook. Koala brings a new paradigm of customer-led GTM — a rep has never had so much intent data to look at.

In almost every onboarding program we run, we hear a common question: "What do I do with all this data?!" That's why we partnered with several of our customers (shout out to Vercel, Hightouch, Segment, Stytch!) to bring you our rep playbook. Use this to:

  • Overachieve your quota. Koala turns 45 minutes of account research into 5 minutes. More high-quality messages means more meetings booked.

  • Boost conversion 10x. A great message sent quickly converts 10x better. If they are actively spending time on the site, they are actively thinking about you.

  • Connect the dots for your accounts. Koala gives you a view into the entire account, so you can play a strategic quarterbacking role.

Let's do this!


Got some tips we didn't capture? Have a favorite play you've made using Koala data? Contribute back to the open source! Email your feedback or story to [email protected] and we'll integrate it here, so everyone can learn from you!

Introducing Koala Weekly

Every week, you make an incredibly strategic decision: "Of the hundreds of accounts I could be prioritizing, where do I spend my time to maximize revenue?" The reality is you can only work a handful of accounts each week. Our research shows that hot accounts are 13x more likely to engage — why not spend your time there?

  • Improve your win rate. See when new champions activate on the product. See when an exec or two starts poking around your marketing site. Multithreading wins deals.
  • Don't waste time. Cold outbound is a waste of time compared to warm inbound already on your site. Use your most precious resource wisely!
  • Find the low-hanging fruit. Know when your existing book of business has a new org lighting up, so you can land an early upsell and pull forward that renewal.

💥 Set up your weekly cheat sheet today:


You'll do a quick setup process to ensure Koala has your accounts right:

My Accounts

We'll also ask you about other audiences you'd be interested in seeing:

Other Lists

From there, you'll get an email that looks like this in your inbox every Sunday evening, so you're ready to hit the ground Monday:

Weekly Email

Get started for free today!

If your company has a Koala workspace, you can go here to configure your Koala Weekly:

If you aren't on Koala yet, you can start for free.

Intent Signals & Slack Alerts

By the time you finish reading this post, it's likely that multiple prospects have interacted with your site — whether visiting the pricing page, reading your blog, or checking out an Enterprise-only feature in your tech docs. Use Koala to turn those intent signals into revenue.

  • Book 10x more meetings. Sales development is converting their outbound emails at rates up to 40%, which is 10x better than legacy outbound rates.
  • Get an edge on deal strategy. Knowing exactly when and how new prospects engage gives you an unfair advantage.
  • Be genuinely helpful. The best customer-led sales teams see where prospects are stuck in the buying journey and guide them to the right solution.

Close more deals, faster — leverage the intent that's already on your site. Start for free, today.

Intent Signals

Suggested Signals

We released Intent Signals a little while ago, but until recently we hadn't fully incorporated it as a powerful primitive throughout Koala. Intent Signals highlight important page views, events, and other key moments in a customer's journey. Now it's easier than ever to define Intent Signals. Anyone on the GTM team can use Koala's no-code setup to surface new buying intent signals.

You'll see intent signals highlighted on an account's profile page, in the explorer views, and you can alert your team when they happen in real time (more on that below)!

Intent Signals

Start creating Intent Signals today in your workspace: Settings > Intent Signals.

Real-time Slack Alerts

Building on that theme, you can now alert your team about any Intent Signal in real-time. If you want to know about signals from a specific territory or audience, you can specify which signals you care about for each audience.

Slack Alerts let you create multiple combinations of intent + audience + what Slack channel you want to notify.

Here's what it looks like to set up:

Slack Alert Setup

And here's what a Slack alert looks like in the wild!

Slack Alert

To set up Slack Alerts, navigate to Settings > Slack Alerts.

Timelines, Wishes and Slack

Any time you're browsing Koala and you have a feature idea or something looks a bit off, simply hit the "Make a Wish" button in the upper right and leave a quick comment! We answer every wish email (can't promise to build every feature, though we aspire to!), so please make one next time you have an idea! (And thanks Matt for wishing for this feature!)


Share Account to Slack

One of our favorite customers, Tim, made a wish on Twitter and it was granted! Now, you can share an account directly with a public Slack channel. (We didn't know we needed this internally at Koala as well, but it's been awesome to start conversations about accounts!)


Account & Profile Timelines

Any time you're researching an account or a visitor, you can now see much more detailed timelines. You can also search through timelines for specific intent signals, page views, or events! Here's what it looks like at the visitor level, but you can do the same for an entire account!


Some little things…

  • The Koala SDK went on a diet and lost ~10% of its kilobytes
  • Basic geocoding now happens for 100% of visitors, and if you need more specific information, you can use full geocoding enrichment for more depth
  • ZoomInfo contact lookups now are supported for known visitors

Teams, Feed and Notifications!

You can scale Koala to your whole sales team using our Teams feature. This will ensure that every rep gets the right "My Accounts" and "Up for Grabs" menu items, so they can easily see their accounts and the accounts they are allowed to work.



If you're just hoping to get an update since you last checked Koala, you can now view all activity in a feed. Simply hit the feed button in the upper right corner!



Get notified when your customers/prospects hit certain milestones in their journey. We can deliver notifications to Slack, Email, or Webhooks. You have complete control over the notification trigger and choose between real-time, daily, or weekly notifications, depending on how time-sensitive the event is! Let us know if you'd like to get access to the beta!


Koala Has Launched!

We launched Koala! Thank you for the support! If you don't already have one, create a free account!


You can now sort by MAU, WAU, or DAU on any account view, so you know exactly how many unique people from an account are currently engaged with your website.

visitor sorting

Developer Checklist

We have a new developer checklist, which helps your developer fully instrument Koala.

dev checklist

(We promise to instrument our blog with the Koala pixel once we have one!)

Intent signals

Have a signal that's important to you? You can now add a custom signal that will be highlighted both on the account overview page and in the main Accounts view every time it happens. We're including a few as inspiration below:

30-second pricing page visit

pricing page visit intent signal

Tracking ebook downloads

Tracking ebook downloads intent signal

Long session with the technical docs

Long session with the technical docs intent signal

Enrichment actions

You now can enrich via Clearbit or Koala's geocoding service. This can be useful when you're trying to triangulate who an anonymous visitor is, or you want more information about a known user.

Manual enrichment

Sales Navigator

You can now deep-link from Koala into Sales Navigator. We've added links wherever there is a visitor or an account, so that you're always a click away from learning more about your potential prospect.

Deep link to Sales Navigator

Date Filters

You can now filter date periods including custom fields from Salesforce and HubSpot.

Date filters example

App Redesign"

We've done a major refresh to Koala's look and feel. This includes a more intuitive navigation bar, a fresher design, and much more intent data available on all profile pages. Screenshots below!

Accounts page

Accounts page redesign, now with more intent. Also a new nav bar

Account details page

Account details page redesign

Visitor details

Visitor details redesign

PS We'd love any feedback on the new design!

Filters, Current user, and My Accounts

We've added lots of improvements to how filters work throughout Koala.

My Accounts

We try to provide the good defaults wherever possible, but sometimes you just have to go with something a little more custom. “My Accounts” is one of those places – if your company doesn't use the default fields for ownership in HubSpot or Salesforce, you previously had to create a new list and the “My Accounts” page wasn't very useful. Now you can save your own personal filters for whatever best represents accounts you want to display under “My Accounts.”

My Accounts page

Current user filter

We added a new viewer-dependent filter that lets you share links and lists that will be scoped to the “Current user.” It is most useful for filtering accounts that the current user owns. We plan on extending support for this dynamic filter to other fields as well.

Current user filter

More filter improvements

  • Now you can see all filter values that don't match any items. We've lumped them together but you can click in to expand all of them (and select them if you want).
  • We've made the checkboxes stable as you select items. Previously they would jump to the top of the list which can be distracting when you want to select multiple items.

Other improvements & fixes

  • We spent some time fixing data quality and performance issues throughout the app to make your experience even more reliable and snappy.

New Onboarding Flow

It’s been a little while since our last update, but we’ve been quietly revamping all parts of the product in some significant ways.

There’s too much to cover in a single post, so here are some of the highlights!

New Onboarding Flow

We’ve made it even easier to sign up and start getting value out of Koala right away by guiding you through the required setup steps before letting you roam free in the app!

The two most important steps for any project on Koala are now front and center: getting your CRM connected and installing the Koala pixel (in your marketing website, docsite, app – anywhere your visitors could be showing intent).

New project creation
Connect your CRM
Synced from your CRM
Pixel installation

Fresh new docs

We’ve started moving our docs to the public website to guide you through setup and making the most out of Koala. Visit them at!

Other improvements & fixes

  • The main navigation is simpler and more focused now.
  • Our infra has undergone some renovations for more speed and stability.
  • We’ve started surfacing more intent signals throughout the app, including a new analytics page that highlights activity across your entire project (you can sneak peek at /analytics in your project).
  • Speaking of intent signals – we built a new intent engine that helps you apply your critical business context to the most relevant combinations of signals so Koala can surface the hottest leads.


Have you always wanted to have a demo offer on your blog page and a chat widget on your pricing page? How about a compact widget on the docs page and a banner on your home page? And what if we only showed these to A fit customers? Or High Intent users? Now you can all of that and more!

We have officially launched playbooks, a new feature that gives you extreme control of where, how and when the widgets are shown on your website. You can configure rules as simple or complex as you need, control how the widget looks in light or dark mode, define custom agent names and images, and even preview what the experience will be before you launch!

Playbooks in the Koala app

Unsure how to configure your widget rules? That's not a problem! Playbooks leverage our auto-icp engine to provide you with suggestions based on the criteria most likely to lead to conversions.

Koala Scores in your CRM

We recently launched the option to embed Koala Scores in HubSpot (Salesforce coming soon). You can now see Koala scores for your Contacts and Accounts directly in your CRM, giving you the option to fit Koala into your existing workflows.

Fixes and Improvements

  • We’ve drastically improved the efficiency of our Salesforce integration. Now it uses 10x fewer API requests and initial syncs are faster. We also added limits to prevent Koala from making more than 10% of your Salesforce instance’s available daily requests.
  • We've fixed email header image rendering size on some email clients. Now we consistently display the Koala logo with a correct size regardless of the email client used.
  • We've added unsubscribe links to our email messages.

New Enrichment Integrations

We’re shipping 3 highly-requested enrichment integrations to beta this week.

Choose from Clearbit, ZoomInfo, or BigPicture to enrich Company data from visitors on your website.

New enrichment integrations from_Clearbit ZoomInfo, and BigPicture

Auto ICP Boosts and Ignore Rules

You can now tweak your model by adding manual overrides to Auto ICP.

Want to boost a certain technology or geography? Interested in a specific type of company? Add a Booster rule to your Auto ICP, to have Koala boost certain types of companies based on your input.

Want to hide competitors, students, or deprioritize a certain region? Add an Ignore rule to your Auto ICP, and Koala will deprioritize accounts matching your ignore rules.

Screenshot showing additional filters in the Auto ICP panel to ignore and boost particular traits

Fixes and Improvements

  • We’ve drastically improved the efficiency of our Salesforce integration. Now it uses 10x fewer API requests and initial syncs are faster. We also added limits to prevent Koala from making more than 10% of your Salesforce instance’s available daily requests.
  • We've fixed email header image rendering size on some email clients. Now we consistently display the Koala logo with a correct size regardless of the email client used.
  • We've added unsubscribe links to our email messages.

Brand New Website

If you’re here, you might’ve noticed a new coat of paint and brand identity for our main website! We’re really excited to continue iterating on this — sharing product updates, along with our upcoming blog, and more!

CSV Uploads

Have a long lead list from a recent conference or webinar? You can now use Koala to find the gold sitting in the list! Simply upload your list, wait a few seconds for Koala to enrich and sort the leads, and voila - the gold comes to the top!

CSV Upload Screenshot

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added two new filters to account + contact lists: firmographic fit and intent score
  • Improved experience configuring your conversion filter on the insights page
  • Smarter Content Security Policy (CSP) error detection in the Koala pixel

True Session Filter

Session time is one of the most compelling intent signals on your website. We don’t just measure the time a visitor is sitting on your website idly, but rather, we track the time someone is actively engaging with your site. And now you can filter for this in your account and contact lists!

True Session Filter
Filter Menu

Other improvements & fixes

  • rolled out a number of improvements to the unmanaged form pages
  • better handling of integration rate limits
  • ability to remove conversion filters in the ‘Auto ICP’ insights page

Auto Form Tracking

You can now see and track every Form Fill on your website using Koala. Get instant metrics on every form fill, and understand the performance of every demo request.

We’re also working on automatically converting Form Fills into Koala Account & Contact lists, so your BDR team can get alerted when a high scoring account or contact raises their hands.

Forms index

New Filter Menu

We've updated our Profile and Account menu to better help you find relevant account and profile filters. Specifically, we centralized all filters into a single menu, allow you to quickly find a filter by searching for it, and improved labels and iconography so that you can find your top accounts and contacts faster than before.

Updated Filter menu

Profile / Contact Lists

Contact Lists are now generally available. All Koala users are now be able to create their own Contact Lists to track their territories or vertical based on Contact Level traits.

Forms index

Search on Profile and Account Integration Data

Do you want to know all profiles that were imported to Outreach, but never contacted? What about the website visitors that do not exist in your Salesforce instance? How many accounts were imported to Salesforce, but never contacted?

With the addition of Profile lists, we now also give you the ability to now slice and dice your Profile and Account lists based on data coming from HubSpot, Outreach and Salesforce.

Searching on integration data

You can perform enhanced attribution queries for Profiles and Accounts now. Head out to the Profiles and Account pages and find all of the hidden gems!

Fixes and Improvements

  • We've also made it easy to create a new Slack channel when creating or editing a view subscription, as well as providing helpful error / warning messages as you set up or reconnect the Slack integration.

Add Contacts to Outreach Sequences

We’ve made our Outreach integration even better, you can now add Koala contacts directly to your Outreach Sequences in one step.

Screenshot of importing contacts to Outreach.

Rich Slack Notifications

We've made some substantial improvements to our Slack integration to bring you relevant data about your prospects directly in your Slack channels.

From your Views, look for the Subscriptions tab to connect to Slack and have information about your leads (Fit Grade, Intent Score, Session Time and more!) delivered directly to you.

Screenshot of View subscription Slack notification

Fixes and Improvements

  • Now you can log in or sign up using your Google account. You can still use email/password, if you prefer.

  • Refresh your Outreach Cache - You can now trigger an update the Outreach data so that you see the latest accounts, prospects or sequences reflected in Koala!

Screenshot of refreshing Outreach Cache
  • Connect Integrations in the Actions Menu - Forgot to connect your Salesforce or Outreach your flow and navigate to the Integrations catalog. You can start connecting new integrations directly from the Actions Menu.
Screenshot of connecting integrations from actions menu

New Overview Page

Starting today, there’s one more reason for your team to return to the Koala App every day! We’re rolling out a brand new Project Overview page where you can see key metrics and insights about your Koala project.

The new Overview is also a launchpad for your most common Koala workflows, like tracking Accounts in your territory, or configuring new views.

Check the bottom of your overview for Account Insights: a new collection of widgets that show you new account audience ideas such as “Untracked Accounts”, “Pricing Page Visitors”, or “Surging this week”.

Top of overview screen
Bottom of overview screen

Account Actions Improvements

As Koala adds support to more integrations - learn more about the Outreach integration below! - the number of actions you can perform on accounts also grows. We’ve redesign our actions menu to support this:

  • Standardize shortcuts with a two key combination: shortcuts start with a key to identify the integration and the next key to identify the action
  • A new way for account admins to configure what actions are visible: Selecting “Configure visible actions” at the bottom of the action menu will take admins to a new panel where they can have a holistic view of what actions are available for all integrations, and enable or disable them.
  • Submenus per integration: see actions for all your integrations at once. And remember, admins can disable some of those actions if they don’t fit your workflow!
Account actions popup

Fit + Intent Everywhere

We’ve continued to make refinements to the fit grade and intent scores throughout Koala. Now you’ll find the fit letter grades on every account list, as well as the account details page.

We also rolled out a composite Koala Score™ that highlights how companies are ranked across both the fit and intent axes. You’ll see this as a 5-point scale based on what percentile of fit and intent a given account falls within.

Fit and intent overview

Work Email Filters for Accounts

Ever found an exciting logo in your Accounts List, invested time looking through the account activity to later on realize you were looking at student, or hobbyist visitor playing with your Product for a personal project?

We heard your feedback, and started rolling a brand new “Work Email Filter” that gives you the ability to filter out hobbyist and students from your views and cohorts.

Use this filter to select accounts and contacts that have entered their work email address.

Work email filters in the filter popup

Outreach Integration

Our most requested integration is now live and ready to use! Thank you to all early partners who helped us design and ship the Outreach Integration.

We have shipped the 4 most requested workflows, and started on a brand new one that we’re also pretty excited about. Right now you can:

  • Import Koala Accounts into Outreach
  • Import Koala Contacts into Outreach
  • Claim a Koala Account in Outreach
  • Open a Koala Account in Outreach via permalinks
  • Filter your Koala Views by Outreach filters
  • [Soon] Add an Account / Contact directly to an Outreach Sequence
  • [Soon] Automate tasks from Koala to Outreach.
Outreach overview page
Outreach filters in filter popup
Ability to import contacts into your Outreach instance

Improvements and Fixes

  • When Claiming accounts, users will see a confirmation popup showing who the current owner of that account is, and have a chance to cancel/confirm the action.

🔮 Account Lists Powered by Auto ICP

Koala now automatically generates a machine learning backed Automatic Ideal Customer Profile that can be used to sort and uncover hidden gems who are visiting your website.

The algorithm is continuously learning and surfacing your best accounts based on the Closed Won opportunities from your CRM.

You can slice and dice your Top Accounts list using any of the existing filters in the Koala App. Try it today on the new Insights & ML section of the Koala App.

Auto ICP

Other Features

Slack Integration

Wish you could get notified whenever companies match one of your filtered Views? Now we have a shiny new Slack integration that lets you receive messages in a Slack channel of your choice. Get started by navigating to the “Subscriptions” tab on any View and follow the prompts to connect Slack!

Configurable Actions

We want to make Koala fit your sales workflow, and not the other way around. We now allow you to configure what actions are available in koala for your different integrations, so you can disable the ones that don’t fit your use case and enable the ones that do. Head out to “Integrations” and to your CRM configuration and you’ll be able to enable and disable actions. This is an ongoing effort for us and we will be shipping more capabilities in this area soon, so stay tuned!

Configurable Actions

Fixes and Improvements

  • New Search bars for My Accounts and all Account Views: You can now search by Company Name and Website in any account list.
  • Performance improvements to Account Browsing.
  • New Autocomplete Experience for Page Views and Events: You can now autocomplete existing Page and Event names when filtering accounts.

Hello Changelog!

Brand new information architecture

We restructured the top-level information architecture and navigation to make finding your way around the Koala app much easier! Now there are three main groups of content to explore:

  1. Website - which includes the chat inbox, demo/chat widget configuration + site analytics
  2. Leads - which includes everything for ABM – your accounts, custom views, customer profiles
  3. Manage - for all those project settings, like managing your team, your integrations, and your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)


Most of us have gotten pretty accustomed to keyboard shortcuts from tools like Slack and Linear. We've had this little feature for a few weeks, but now you'll find Koala's omnisearch immediately visible in the main navigation bar. Of course, you can cmd+k your way to it from anywhere in the app, too!

Other Improvements

  • Now you can claim accounts in Salesforce directly from Koala.
  • We've made the customer profiles page much faster.
  • Domain matching on accounts in your CRM is more reliable. For instance, we will automatically match at the top domain even if your CRM has a subdomain for the company website.