Koala provides deep insights into your prospects’ actions, allowing you to uncover which accounts to focus on, what content prospects are exploring, and the warmest path into deals.

Guides to Get Started

Warm Outbound Mindset

Shift your approach from thinking like a seller to acting as an advocate. Engage with prospects based on their specific actions and interests.
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Account Research

Master the art of account research with Koala. Uncover hidden insights and understand patterns in prospect engagement to tailor your outreach effectively.
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Value-Add Outreach

Discover how to craft messages that provide real value to your prospects based on their specific actions and needs.
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Quick Tips for Effective Use of Koala

  1. Speed to Lead
    Act quickly on high-intent signals. Responding within 2-4 hours significantly increases the chances of meaningful engagement.

  2. Guide and Assist Prospects
    Share relevant resources based on their activity. For example, if they’re viewing tech docs, offer assistance with integrations or configurations. Think like an advocate, not a salesperson.

  3. Understand and Personalize
    Use Koala’s account and visitor insights to understand each prospect’s motivations and interests. Tailor your outreach to address their specific needs and pain points.

  4. Real-Time Alerts
    Take advantage of Koala’s real-time Slack alerts to stay informed about important actions taken by your prospects. This enables timely and relevant engagement.

  5. Prioritize High-Value Accounts
    Use Koala’s Fit and Intent Scores to focus your efforts on the accounts with the highest potential. This helps you allocate your resources more effectively and improve your chances of success.

By leveraging Koala’s data effectively, you can engage your accounts with better timing and relevance. Explore the detailed guides linked above to dive deeper into each strategy.

Happy selling!