We have a step-by-step welcome experience in the product that will walk you through these steps in detail. If you’d prefer that, you can simply create an account and the product will guide you through the process.

That said, we know that some folks like to review the entire process in docs first; this article is for you!

Step 1: Install the pixel

Copy the snippet

Navigate to Your Project > Settings in the Koala app and copy the JavaScript snippet and paste it into the <body> tag of your site.

That snippet loads the Koala SDK onto the page asynchronously, so it won’t impact your page load speed.

It’ll look something this:

  !(function (t) {
    if (window.ko) return;
    (window.ko = []),
      ].forEach(function (t) {
        ko[t] = function () {
          var n = [].slice.call(arguments);
          return n.unshift(t), ko.push(n), ko;
    var n = document.createElement("script");
    (n.async = !0),
        "https://cdn.getkoala.com/v1/<your public key>/sdk.js"
      (document.body || document.head).appendChild(n);

We recommend installing the Koala snippet on your marketing website, docsite, application and any other places that users are expressing intent in the product because Koala is going to surface this intent to the sales team. Koala can only surface intent that it can see, so it’s important to capture all of these surface areas.

Step 2: Connect Clearbit

We partner with Powered by Clearbit to give 10,000 free Clearbit Reveal calls and 250 free Clearbit Enrich calls every month. This is the cheapest way to get started with Clearbit and is essential to identifying anonymous traffic on your site. We’ve made this as easy as clicking a button in the welcome flow!

Step 3: Connect your CRM (optional)

This is an optional step, but strongly recommended if you’re using Salesforce (Salesforce Sales Cloud) or HubSpot. (No worries if you’re still operating out of a spreadsheet – we support you too!)

Connecting your CRM will:

  • allow Koala to figure out who owns which accounts, so that each of your teammates will be receive relevant Weekly Digests, notifications, and individual lists
  • be able to differentiate between prospects and customers, so that you can focus your time on prospects
  • help Koala build a scoring model to find accounts that look like your Closed Won customers

Step 4: Set up an intent signal

Set up your first intent signal — we recommend a pricing page visit that lasts for at least 15 seconds! Better yet, setting up 3-5 is even better. Here are a few common first intent signals, other than pricing page:

  • reading technical docs about paid features
  • reading a blog post for 2+ minutes
  • ensuring you are notified about form submits / content downloads

That said, you know your business best, so be sure to set up things that your sales development team and AEs will be most interested in!

Step 5: Set up a Slack Alert

Keep things simple by sending all the intent signals to a single channel for now. If you have a larger sales team, you can read our guide on larger sales teams, but to start things off we always recommend watching a single channel for a few business days to see what kind of intent you’re working with all in one place.

Reps will love getting pinged about intent signals on their accounts. You can enable this by checking the box that says “@mention Account Owners in Slack”!