What is Koala Weekly?

Koala Weekly is a weekly email that goes out on Sunday at 4pm Pacific Time. Every rep can select exactly which audiences they’d like to receive updates on - by default, we’ll send updates on all the accounts a rep owns, but we also encourage reps to subscribe to other interesting audiences, especially unowned accounts in their territory that might be showing interest.

Read more about audiences.

How to use Koala Weekly?

Every week, you make an incredibly strategic decision: “Of the hundreds of accounts I could be prioritizing, where do I spend my time to maximize revenue?”

Koala Weekly is a personalized email showing you which of your accounts are showing active intent. It can help you improve your win rate, avoid wasting time, and find low-hanging fruit.

Accounts that are showing intent are much more likely to engage, so we recommend using this email for account prioritization. We select the most engaged accounts according to everything we know about them, so we suggest doing account research on the top 5-10 accounts and then sending some great messaging on at least 3-5 accounts.

What does it look like?