The Koala Automations product is available on all plans. The Business and Pro plans include unlimited action credits, while the other plans include limited credits.

Understanding Credits

Each succesfull Automation run consumes 1 credit from your available credit pool.

There are separate pools for Actions, Auto Outbound and Slack Alerts, so you can try all three products individually on your own time.

When are credits consumed?

  • Action Credits: Credits are consumed when any succesfull Action is run. i.e. when Intent Data is delivered to your destination.

  • Auto Outbound Credits: Credits are consumed when any Auto Outbound prospect is sent to your destination.

    • Auto Outbound credits will not be consumed if the prospect is not sent due to a filter or a condition.
    • Auto Outbound credits will not be consumed if Autopilot is off.
  • Slack Alert Credits: Credits are deducted when a Slack alert is sent to a slack channel.

Credit Limits

  • Slack credits are counted per month, and reset on the first day of your subscription start date.
  • Action and Auto Outbound credits are counted cumulatively for your workspace, and do not reset.
  • There’s no limit on the number of Automations you can create, only on the number of times they can run.

The following table shows the credit limits for each plan:

PlanAction CreditsAuto Outbound CreditsSlack Alert Credits
Free10010250 alerts /mo

What happens when I run out of credits?

When you run out of credits, your Automations will not run until you have more credits available. You can upgrade your plan to get more credits, or wait until the next month for Slack credits to reset.