Documentation about the Koala pixel, integrations, and more.

Slack Integration

Use the Koala app to get notified about new leads as soon as they express intent in your product.


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Add to Slack

Setting up a Slack subscription

Slack notifications can be configured by creating a "Smart List" in Koala. Smart Lists are a way for you to zero in on a specific audience of people or companies visiting your website. Once you've got a Smart List you can connect it to a Slack channel to automatically get notifications whenever new people or companies enter the audience you defined.

  • To create a Smart List in Koala:
    • From the main navigation menu, select "Accounts" to create a list of companies, or "Vistors" to create a list of people
    • Define the filters for your list and "+ Smart List"
  • Navigate to your list's notifications via Smart Lists > Your list > Notifications
  • Select "Slack" and configure the channel you'd like to send notifications to
  • You're all setup! Now whenever a new company or person enters your list, you'll get notified. Here's an example of the Slack message:
    Slack Message


Having issues with the Slack integration? Email the Koala team with your questions at [email protected]!