Documentation about the Koala pixel, integrations, and more.

Slack Integration

Use the Koala app to get notified about new leads as soon as they express intent in your product.


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Add to Slack


There are three ways that you can send messages from Koala to Slack.

  • Automatic notifications for high-intent activities
  • Share an account to a channel
  • Subscribe to list updates

Each is discussed more in detail below.

Automatic notifications for high-intent activities

If you'd like to receive automatic notifications when high-intent activities happen, you can enable them to Slack. The easiest way to get started is in the Notifications tab.

After you've set up your triggers, here's an example of the Slack Integration setup. You can send via direct message, an existing channel, or a new channel you create inline. Here's how you configure it:

Slack Configuration GIF

On the other side, once the intent is triggered, you'll get a notification via Direct Message:

Direct Message Notification

Or into a public channel:

Public Channel Notification

Share an account to a channel

If you'd like to manually share an interesting account to start a discussion with the team, you can easily share any account with any channel. Navigate to any account profile page in Koala and find this on the right:

Share Account 1

In the Slack channel, it will appear like this:

Share Account 2

Subscribe to list updates

If you'd like a more automated notification when people enter or exit a smart list, you can subscribe to a feed that triggers whenever a contact or account "matches" or "unmatches" a smart list definition.

List Update Message

To set this up, follow these steps:

  • To create a Smart List in Koala:
    • From the main navigation menu, select Accounts to create a list of companies, or Vistors to create a list of people
    • Define the filters for your list and "Save Smart List..."
  • Navigate to your list's notifications via Lists > [List Name] > Notifications
  • Select "Slack" and configure the channel you'd like to send notifications to
  • You're all set! Now whenever a new company or person enters your list, you'll get notified.


Having issues with the Slack integration? Email the Koala team with your questions at [email protected]!