Koala automatically deanonymizes the company behind a website visitor via our partnership with Clearbit Reveal, however, knowing the company behind a visitor will only take your Sales team so far.

Typical analytics tools often fail to connect the dots between website and in-app sessions, Koala uses identity tracking in order to close the gap between website intent and in-product intent.

We find that our Identity Layer is able to track higher than average identities than the average analytics or website intent tool. Some of our PLG customers have an identified traffic match rate of close to 50% of their website visitors, while some of our Sales Led and heavy outbound customers report a close to 30% match rate for emails.

Company deanonymization combined with Koala’s sophisticated Identity Layer can help you reach significance performance in your outbound motion, as well as help accelerate existing deal cycles.

Note: Koala does not use 3rd party cookies or any kind of 3rd party data in our Identity Layer.

Tracking Identities with Identify Calls

We recommend that you instrument your logged in and sign up experiences in order to detect logged in users from your app that are return visitors to your website.

This helps bridge intent that happens in-product as well as research that is being done on your marketing website and documentation.

You can learn more about how to Instrument Identify calls in our Identify Guides.

Segment and RudderStack Integrations

Koala automatically integrates with CDPs such as Segment and RudderStack in order to leverage any existing website or in-product instrumentation that is done client and server side.

Any analytics.identify call that happens in the browser will be forwarded to Koala automatically.

Note: You can disable the Segment / RudderStack integration on the Settings page in the Koala app.

Automatic Form Tracking

Koala automatically tracks Form Submissions that happen on your website in order to collect your visitor’s email address when they submit it.

You can see all Form Submissions in the Koala app under the Form Submissions tab.

Note: You can toggle Automatic Form Submission on and off on the Settings page in the Koala app.

Identify Email Recipients

Koala is able to detect when a user clicks a link to your website from an outbound or marketing email. You can use this feature to collect identities from any clicks to your outreach messages.

This integration often leads to a boost of 20~30% net new identities to your Koala workspace, allowing you to understand how your email prospects are interacting with your content and product.

Koala will also report all UTMs that drove the user to interact with your website from an email.

You can learn more about how to get started with Koala Email Links here

HubSpot Tracking Pixel

Koala automatically integrates with the HubSpot tracking pixel when both HubSpot and Koala are loaded onto the same page, allowing you to track how a HubSpot Contact interacts with all your web properties that are instrumented with Koala.

Note: You need to instrument your website with the HubSpot Pixel Tracking in order to connect identities between Koala and HubSpot.