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Using a strict Content Security Policy

Koala asynchronously loads different parts of the library as needed. If your site uses a strict Content Security Policy (CSP) that specifies which locations can download JavaScript or use Websockets, then you’ll need to update the CSP to handle those pieces used for Koala.

You may see client-side errors about a “Content Security Policy” directive if you are using a strict CSP and Koala has not be added to it.

Depending on your CSP configuration, you may need various CSP directives like connect-src or script-src to allow Koala to work properly.

If you have a strict connect-src, add these endpoints to it:

  • https://*
  • wss://*

If you have a strict script-src, add this endpoint to it:

  • https://*

It’s likely you can find it in your codebase if you do a case-insensitive search for script-src, but if you need to learn more about it, use this resource to learn more: