Requesting Deletion

Before starting with code, you’ll need a secret API key to make the request, which you can create in Settings -> API Keys:


Request instructions:

  • The request must be sent via POST
  • The request is authorized using our private API keys, and they must include an Authorization header in the following pattern: Authorization: Bearer sk_21231kjlk123hj123kh
  • The limit of emails per request is 50. If the list has more than 50, we’re just going to grab the first 50 and ignore the rest.
  • Sample request body:
  "emails": [
    "[email protected]",
    "[email protected]"

When a deletion request is sent, it will respond with the deletion request id, like this:

	"deletion_request_id": "3772f22a-4f8d-4d14-8fa2-987a38c3456e"

Checking Deletion Status

You can use your ID from the section above to check the deletion process by making a GET request, using the same Authorization header above. Here is a sample GET request:

As soon the process its done they will be able to consult the deletion receipt, the response should look like this

	"id": "3772f22a-4f8d-4d14-8fa2-987a38c3456e",
	"deleted_receipt": [
			"ips": [
			"email": "[email protected]",
			"events": 0,
			"metrics": 0,
			"profiles": [
			"page_views": 0,
			"project_slug": true,
			"visitor_status": 1,
			"form_submissions": 0,
			"anonymous_profile": 0,
			"import_list_profile": 0,
			"account_associations": 0,
			"outreach_user_caches": 0,
			"clearbit_reveal_cache": 0,
			"hubspot_contact_cache": 0,
			"outreach_prospect_cache": 0,
			"clearbit_enrichment_cache": 0,
			"salesforce_contact_caches": 0
	"project_id": "de2a0d37-fbf8-4e9a-abd6-2efd20277d4d",
	"created_at": "2024-03-21T16:47:15.113Z",
	"updated_at": "2024-03-21T16:48:34.941Z",
	"created_by_id": "95aa57db-0d2b-42b9-a918-d402bef92d97",
	"input": [
		"[email protected]"
	"status": "completed",
	"messages": []