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Reading from Salesforce

Upon connecting Koala to Salesforce’s CRM (Salesforce Sales Cloud), Koala will sync all Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, and Leads. Koala will automatically refresh Salesforce CRM every hour, so we always have fresh data about who owns which Accounts and which Accounts have active Opportunities attached.

No data will be written to Salesforce by default, and you can use a read-only user if you’d like. However, there are optional ways to write data back into Salesforce.

Importing to Salesforce

There are four actions you can take from Koala to manually write data to Salesforce’s CRM:

  1. Import Accounts
  2. Import Contacts
  3. Import Leads
  4. Claim Account (rewrite the Account owner to be the current Koala user)

These actions can be enabled/disabled by a Koala admin if you don’t wish to enable writing to Salesforce. You can also issue custom field mappings for imports.

Automating actions into Salesforce (Business Plan)

Every time an intent signal happens for a qualifying list that you specify, there are six actions Koala can automate in Salesforce:

  1. Import Account. Import an Account as an Account in Salesforce if it doesn’t already exist. Supports custom field mappings.

  2. Import Contact. Import a Visitor as a Contact in Salesforce if it doesn’t already exist. (Supports custom field mappings.)

  3. Import Lead. Import a Visitor as a Contact in Salesforce if it doesn’t already exist. (Supports custom field mappings.)

  4. Adding to a Campaign. Add the current Visitor as a Lead or Contact to a campaign in Salesforce.

  5. Create Task. Creates a task in Salesforce. (Supports custom subjects, priority, due date, and reminder.)

  6. Create Record Create a record as any custom object. You can also use this to write Koala Intent Signals as events into your CRM as custom objects linked to Contacts, Leads, and/or Accounts in your Salesforce instance.


How do you match Koala accounts to Salesforce Accounts?

For every account on your site, Koala has a list of a domain (eg., and all associated domain aliases (eg.,,,, etc.). We will search your CRM for the primary domain and all aliases, trying to find matches to the Account object’s domain field. If that isn’t set, Koala will use website instead.

  1. Pick the account with most Opportunities
  2. Pick the account with most Contacts
  3. Pick the account modified most recently

How do you match Koala Visitors to Salesforce Contacts & Leads?

Contacts will be matched when an example email match happens between the Contact/Lead object and the Koala profile email.


If you’ve received an email that your Salesforce connection had an error or needs to be reauthorized, here are some common errors and how to fix them.

If you are still having issues with the Salesforce integration, email the Koala team with your questions at [email protected].

API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG: API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner

This error means that your Salesforce organization does not have API access enabled.

What can I do?

Make sure that your Salesforce organization has API access. Koala will be unable to sync with Salesforce without API access.

API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG: limits resource is not enabled

This error means that your Salesforce organization does not have API access properly configured.

What can I do?

Reach out to your Salesforce admin to ensure your Salesforce organization has both the API enabled and “View Setup and Configuration” system permission enabled. The Salesforce user authorizing the connection with Koala must have the “View Setup and Configuration” system permission enabled on their Salesforce user profile.

API_CURRENTLY_DISABLED: API is disabled for this User

This error means that Koala is unable to sync with Salesforce because the User that authenticated Salesforce does not have API access in Salesforce.

What can I do?

Reauthorize the Salesforce connection with a user that has API access, or you can have your Salesforce admin give your user API access in Salesforce.

INVALID TYPE ERROR: Object type ‘Campaign’ is not supported

This error probably indicates that the integration was setup with Salesforce Data Cloud instead of Salesforce Sales Cloud. The former does not support Campaign as of the time of the error and therefore fails.

What can I do?

Koala integrates with Salesforce CRM for Campaign. If you need that data in Salesforce Data Cloud, it is necessary to integrate Koala with the Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM) and then pipe that data into Salesforce Data Cloud directly from the CRM.