The Koala Automations suite offers 3 ways in which you can activate your intent data. Each product offers unique ways to you can leverage your intent data to drive more revenue, and streamline your sales and marketing processes.

Slack Alerts

Get notified in Slack when a new intent signal is detected.

You can send alerts into a shared Slack channel in reaction to an Intent Signal, or send alerts directly to a Sales Rep when one of their customers or prospects shows intent.

Slack messages can be customized to include the Intent, Firmographic data from our extensive companies database, as well as your own CRM and custom fields.

Learn more about Slack Alerts in our guides.


Trigger workflows in your CRM, Sales Engagement Platform, or third party tools when a new intent signal is detected.

Koala’s Actions engine allows you to create custom workflows that are triggered by intent signals. You can use these workflows to update your CRM, Sales Engagement Platform such as Outreach and Apollo, or any other third party tool that accepts Webhooks.

Some examples of workflows include:

  • Syncing your website intent data into Salesforce & HubSpot
  • Creating a new task in Salesforce, HubSpot, or Outreach when a new intent signal is detected
  • Automatically importing Contacts, Accounts, or Leads into your CRM when they show intent
  • Enriching your CRM with firmographic data from our extensive companies database
  • Tracking prospects and companies in lists, campaigns, or sequences

Learn more about Actions in our guides.

Auto Outbound

2x~5x your reply rate by automatically sending an email to a prospect when a new intent signal is detected.

Auto Outbound allows you to automatically enroll a prospect into a highly relevant sequence or campaign in your Sales Engagement Platform when they show intent, and message them at the right time.

Koala’s Auto Outbound engine offers a variety of customization options that allow you to target the right fit prospects with the right message without interferring with existing deals, customers, or highjacking any existing conversations.

Your team gets notified when a new Prospect is enrolled into a sequence, and can take over the conversation at any time.

Learn more about Auto Outbound in our guides.

Auto Prospecting [Coming Soon]

Find the most relevant prospects to reach out to based on their intent signals, demographics, and persona.

Koala’s Auto Prospecting engine allows you to find the most relevant prospects based on several heuristics that triangulate a visitor’s behavior, demographics and your historical sales data.

Auto Prospected prospects can be automatically enrolled in your Auto Outbound campaigns, or enrolled in your Koala Automations.

Auto Prospecting is currently in private beta, and will be available to all customers soon. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you’d like to join the beta program.

When to use Actions vs Auto Outbound

While both Actions and Auto Outbound have some overlap, they are used in different scenarios.

When to use Actions

You should choose Actions when you want to trigger a workflow in response to an intent signal, or update your CRM, and you don’t need to send an email. The Actions engine is designed to be flexible and react to intent signals in a Trigger / Action fashion for both Accounts and Visitors.

When to use Auto Outbound

Auto Outbound is focused on enrolling Prospects in the right sequence or campaign, and sending highly relevant emails at the right time.

This means the enrollment criteria will be different for Auto Outbound when compared to Actions. You don’t want to trigger the same workflow multiple times for the same Prospects, or send an email to a Prospect that is already in a sequence or in an existing deal.

Auto Outbound includes more strict rules to make sure you’re not spamming your Prospects and Accounts.


Use the following table to help you decide when to use Actions vs Auto Outbound.

Use CaseActionsAuto Outbound
Updating CRM data
Account Level Actions
Visitor Level Actions
Email and Sequence Enrollment
Strict enrollment rules
Evergreen workflows that are run multiple times per Visitor / Account
Advanced Intent to Campaign mapping