1. Integrations
  2. Segment Integration

Segment’s Analytics 2.0 is required for this client-side destination.

Step 1: Connect your source to the Koala destination

Navigate to Connections > Destinations > Add Destination in the Segment app. Search for “Koala” and add it to a source.

Step 2: Enter your destination settings

You’ll need to enter your “Public API Key” which can be found in your workspace settings under Settings > Install. Note: the Segment integration calls your Public API Key a “Koala Project Slug”, that’s where you should enter your Public API Key.

Step 3: Configure which events to send from Segment (Optional)

Once connected, you can configure how you want to send data to Koala. By default, Segment will forward track events and identify events to Koala. We recommend sticking with the defaults!