Koala collects data about what activity is happening on your site or app, and highlights the activity that indicates high intent. Koala collects this data via a pixel that typically is installed on your website. Most companies start by installing it on their marketing website, blog, and technical docs.

Koala reports on the entire intent spectrum — from the first time someone comes to your marketing site, through a trial, POC, or product-led motion, and even after someone becomes a customer. This is done by installing Koala directly via our SDK or by connecting us to one of your analytics tools (e.g., Segment, Rudderstack, Heap, etc.). Koala also collects data via server-side integrations that can send data directly from your servers when client-side tracking doesn’t work for your use case.

Next, the entire GTM team can collaborate on defining intent signals (think of this as highlighting a particular page view, event, or form submit):

From there, these intent signals can be sent to Slack and are surfaced throughout the Koala app. This will ensure that your SDRs can prospect net new opportunities from all this buying intent happening on your marketing site, your AEs are always aware of what their prospects are doing (trust us when you see that magic pricing page visit from the executive buyer), and even CSMs are prepared to have that renewal upsell chat (or intervene if product usage isn’t as expected).

There’s a lot more under the hood (read on!), but this covers the basics of Koala!