The Warm Outbound Approach

Koala provides a new way for sellers to see what prospects are doing. This lets you shift from cold outreach to what we call “warm outbound,” where you engage based on specific actions prospects take.

Visualizing Warm Outbound

Think about having a clear view of all the people in your store. Instead of standing outside trying to get people to come in, you’d help those already inside who are showing interest. That’s the idea behind warm outbound.

The Challenge with Cold Outbound

Cold outreach is getting tougher. Inboxes are flooded, new spam laws are popping up, and reply rates are low. Cold outreach is like trying to attract people to your store without knowing what they want. Once you send a message, you can’t see what the prospect does next, making it hard to connect.

The Warm Outbound Advantage

With warm outbound, think of your website and product as your store. You can see what prospects are looking at, like tech docs, solutions pages, case studies, blogs, or specific product features. You have full visibility and can engage based on their actions.

Key Engagement Signals

Here are some key signals to look for when deciding how to engage with prospects:

  • Tech Docs: Especially for paid and enterprise features.
  • Solutions Pages: Particularly those highlighting enterprise features.
  • Guides and Help Center: Engagement with guides, especially on usage limits, shows strong interest.
  • Pricing Page Views: Views longer than a minute show deeper consideration.

Specific bottom-of-funnel content can convert to sales-qualified opportunities (SQO) at almost twice the rate of general sign-ups.

Examples: Engaging at the Right Time with Koala

Consider a prospect who signs up for Koala. Often, this is too early to engage, as they are just exploring. But if they start diving into our tech docs, looking through integrations and SSO, you have a chance to add value. For example, if they view our SSO docs, you could reach out to offer help with configuration.

Advanced Feature Usage: Auto-Outbound Setup

In a more advanced scenario, a prospect might try to set up auto-outbound after a few months of using Koala’s data. By then, they trust the data and are looking to automate processes. Imagine reaching out with content on setting up auto-outbound and offering help. Would you take that meeting?

Shifting the Mindset

Warm outbound is about thinking like an advocate, supporting prospects on their journey. Earn the right to a sales conversation by delivering value throughout the buyer journey. Dee Kapila, Head of Global Sclaed CX at Miro, emphasizes this:

“Instead of jumping on a call, prospects want fast access to information when they need it. Or better yet, be intuitively presented with that information at the exact moment they need it.”

Getting Started with Warm Outbound

As you start using Koala data, keep the warm outbound mindset in mind. Focus on being an advocate for your prospects, providing timely and valuable assistance.

Happy selling!