We’ve designed the plans to roughly work as follows:

Series ATeam
Series BTeam -> Business
Series C and beyondBusiness

We hope you find that the default base packages are pretty reasonable and a good starting point.

Working from the base package, you may need to add:

  • Extra Billable Members (each license allows for access to the platform, Slack mentions when your account is active, and a subscription to Koala Weekly)
  • Extra Koala Accounts (each pack allows for 250 more companies)

This is more rare and only typically applies to high-traffic websites or high-volume product analytics implementations, but you may also need:

  • Extra Events (each pack allows for 100k monthly events)

Plan summary

Below is an overview of the pricing grid. All prices are per month, but we offer annual pricing (~10% discount) for annual pre-paid commitments. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in an annual plan.

Per monthFree forever$175$750
Base packages
Billable Members
Additional licenses
3 licenses
Refer someone
3 licenses
$15 / user
5 licenses
$50 / user
Koala Accounts
Additional accounts
250 accounts
Refer someone
1,000 accounts
$15 / 250 accounts
Volume discounts available
Events / mo
Additional events
100k events
Not available
500k events
$45 / 100k events
Volume discounts available
Koala App
Intent Signals
Slack Alerts
Koala Weekly
CRM Automations
Data Retention30d30d90d

All metrics are explained in much more detail below!

Picking the right plan

Free Plan

Free will work up to 250 accounts or 3 licenses. You can get more free account quota or free licenses by referring another company! For each company that gets set up on Koala, we’ll grant an additional account pack of 250 -or- an extra license (your choice).

Once your referral is sending data on Koala, please email [email protected] with the referral details and which extra you’d like!

Scaling with the Team Plan

If your needs take you beyond Free and referrals, we recommend remaining on the Team plan as long as you can. Team is designed to be generous and scale for quite some time.

When to consider Business Plan

Typically, we see customers upgrade to Business when one of the following occurs:

  • (1) their need for Koala Accounts grows beyond ~10,000; at this point, Unlimited Koala Accounts on Business makes it cheaper
  • (2) they have a specific CRM automation they need
  • (3) they want 90d data retention for all events
  • (4) they prefer to do budgeting around a seats-based model

Koala Accounts, Billable Members, and Events

Koala is a hybrid of an efficiency tool for sales reps and a powerful data platform. To understand the total Koala bill, you’ll need to understand three metrics:

  • Koala Accounts
  • Billable Members
  • Events / mo

We provide a deep-dive into each of the three metrics below.

Koala Accounts

Koala guides toward Free, Team, or Business plans based on the number of accounts you want to track:

PlanKoala Accounts IncludedPacks
Free250Not available
Team1,000$15 / mo for 250
BusinessUnlimitedNo charge

While Koala collects all data automatically, you can exclude any account that is not valuable to you with excluded account filters.

Billable Members

Like any CRM or other sales app, Koala charges for reps to use it. Admin and Member roles are billable — Developer roles are not.

PlanBillable MembersExtra
Free3Refer a company
Team3$15 per user per month
Business10$50 per user per month

Admin and Member roles are entitled to do three things:

  • full access to the Koala app
  • receive Koala Weekly
  • receive @-mentions in Slack when your their account hits an intent signal

Event volume per month

Unless you have very high web traffic, this metric doesn’t come up until you get into an advanced instrumentation.

Under the hood, Koala is a fully featured product analytics database. We offer competitive pricing with other best-in-class product analytics tools.

PlanEvents / moPacks
Free100kNot available
Team500k$45 / mo for 100k events
Business1MVolume discounts available

You can estimate your event cost by adding the number of pageviews, identifies, and custom events in Google Analytics + your product analytics platform. We offer powerful tools to help you optimize these events, so you only get charged for what you use.

Koala automatically filters bots, visitors with no focus time, and visitors who can’t be matched to a company. As a result of this filtering, it’s likely that your Koala reporting will be lower than what you see in analytics tools.

Estimating total cost

If you already have a trial going, we can give very accurate quotes based on current usage! Just ping us: [email protected].

Ultimately you’ll want to answer four questions:

1. How many billable members do I need?

  • Who at the company would benefit from real-time notifications about their accounts and Koala Weekly?
  • Who at the company would benefit from visibility into what our customers and prospects are doing on our site?

2. How many Koala Accounts do I need?

Very rough rules of thumb:

  • Seed: ~250 - 500 Koala Accounts
  • Series A: ~500 - 5,000 Koala Accounts
  • Series B: ~2,500 - 10,000 Koala Accounts
  • Series C and beyond: 10,000+ Koala Accounts

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to start a trial and visit your billing page after 1-3 weeks. Here, you’ll be able to setup Hidden Accounts, so you aren’t paying for any accounts you don’t need.

3. How many events do I want to send?

  • If you plan to do the basic instrumentation only, you can likely get a good proxy from your Google Analytics.
  • If you plan to do the advanced instrumentation, you will need to look at your product analytics tool to get the total number of page views, identifies, custom events, and form fills.

4. Do I need CRM Automations?

  • Needed if you want to automate workflow for any triggers generated in Koala. Otherwise, not needed.