Koala is an incredibly powerful tool for account research, helping you uncover hidden insights on account and prospect activity across your website and product.

Key Concepts to Understand

Fit Score

Fit is based on the enrichment characteristics of the company. We analyze the Closed Won accounts in your company’s CRM instance and assign a letter grade:

  • A: Great ICP fit; deserves attention, outbound efforts, and multithreading.
  • B: On the fringe of ICP; should be taken seriously but qualified carefully.
  • C/D: Likely not a fit for a sales-led deal (prioritize your efforts elsewhere, though there are exceptions).

We recommend focusing your time on A fits – the top 25% of companies.

Intent Score

Intent is a real-time score (0-100) based on the number of visitors, active time spent on the platform, and recent intent signals. More activity increases this number, but it decays rapidly if intent dies down:

  • 80-100: Very High intent
  • 50-80: High intent
  • 20-50: Medium intent
  • 0-20: Low intent


This indicates how intent is trending in the past month, with special emphasis on the past week:

  • Surging: Intent is rapidly increasing, likely due to many new visitors or more time being spent on the platform.
  • Heating: Intent is rising but not as quickly as Surging.
  • Neutral: Intent is staying the same.
  • Cooling: Intent is declining.
  • New: This is a new account we haven’t seen before.

Prioritize Your Efforts

Account View

In the account view, you’ll see all the accounts that have visited your website and product. Filter this down to the accounts that belong to you using CRM filters to reflect what you have in Salesforce and HubSpot. You can also filter by time to see recent activity. This helps prioritize your top accounts. For example, if 10 of your 50 top accounts score as HIGH intent, they’re likely great accounts to focus on right now.

Visitor View

In the visitor view, you’ll find identified prospects. These are people who have filled out a form on your website or signed up for your product. Use the scoring by Fit and level of intent to focus on the most promising prospects.

Detailed Account or Visitor View

Clicking into a specific account or visitor shows a detailed view of all actions taken by those prospects, providing valuable insights for account research and helping you understand their journey.

Using Koala for World-Class Account Research

Start with the Macro View

  • Understand the Company: Spend a few minutes understanding what the company does, the industry they are in, and potential use cases.

    • Use the Company tab to quickly learn about the company.
    • Answer questions like:
      • Is this a tiny startup, a growth-stage company, or a giant enterprise?
      • What industry are they in?
      • Do they have a relevant tech stack?
      • What do they do?
  • Look for Recent Intent Signals: Understanding who has shown recent intent and what those signals were can help tailor your messaging to be more relevant.

Dive into the Micro View

  • Analyze Visitor Engagement: Use the granular visitor detail to make a plan of attack.

    • The Visitors tab shows how every visitor is engaging. Identify key visitors, understand their roles, and tailor your outreach based on their activities.
    • For anonymous visitors, use their geographical location and account name to deduce their identities. Tools like Sales Navigator can help make educated guesses about who was on the site.
    • If you have many anonymous visitors, consult the guide on driving more known users. Koala offers various methods to increase the number of known visitors.
  • Engage Based on Behavior: Tailor your engagement based on what prospects are doing. If they are exploring specific product features or content, reach out with relevant information or assistance. This approach makes your outreach more personalized and effective.

Leverage Slack Alerts

We don’t expect you to monitor these views constantly, which is where Slack alerts come into play. Koala enables you to have Slack alerts sent to a channel when prospects within your target accounts trigger them. These alerts happen within 15 seconds, keeping you updated in real-time.

By leveraging Koala, you can gain deeper insights into your prospects’ actions, prioritize your outreach, and engage with them in a value-added way.

Happy selling!